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ABOUT 2018 Game Changers


Ulman GameChangers are young professionals going above and beyond.  They’re successful at work, committed to bettering their communities, and are leaders among their peers.  Each fall, a committee reviews applications and nominations to select the most deserving young professionals and recognizes them for their efforts by declaring them GameChangers. GameChangers agree to support Ulman’s mission by serving the young adult cancer community and raising funds to support vital free programs for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer.


About the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Ulman Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides a community of crucial support to thousands of young adults with cancer through education, scholarship programs, a network of human and health care resources, and support services provided free of charge. Founded in 1997, Ulman works at both the local and national level to ensure that all young adults impacted by cancer have a voice and the necessary resources to thrive. Ulman changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults and their loved ones impacted by cancer.



Over 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year. Young adults (ages 15-39) face a variety of unique challenges with a cancer diagnosis including fertility preservation, social isolation, lack of insurance, delayed diagnosis, and more. 



The Ulman Foundation changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. With your support, the Ulman Cancer Fund is able to provide free support services and resources for the young adult cancer community including:

Cancer to 5K - a 12-week training program designed to introduce or reintroduce cancer survivors to physical activity.

Patient Navigation - a free program (onsite at cancer centers and remotely through our office) that ensures no young adult ever faces cancer alone. We provide one-on-one support & resources to young adults and their families to help them manage the cancer experience and long-term cancer survival.

Scholarships - a financial assistance program to help young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

Ulman House - This year Ulman broke ground on a “home away from home” to provide free housing for young adult cancer patients, and their caregivers, in East Baltimore. 

Your donation will help make these programs and our mission possible!

Name Date Amount Comments
barbara klieforth 02/09/2019 $116.00  
Dr. Sam Berkowitz 02/08/2019 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 02/08/2019 $35.00  
Tom LeaMond 02/08/2019 $30.00  
Denise Yingling 02/08/2019 $50.00  
Erin Cassell 02/08/2019 $50.00  
Karen Johnson 02/04/2019 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 02/04/2019 $20.00 Great job, know what I'm saying! Word!
Brad Mendelson 02/03/2019 $36.00  
JANETTE HO 02/03/2019 $60.00  
Julie Baker 02/03/2019 $25.00 Congratulations on this great honor and the work you do to make our world a more caring place!
Jill Rodriguez 01/31/2019 $75.00  
William Morris 01/28/2019 $100.00 Good luck Erin! Hope your donations reach infinity....and beyond :-)
Jennifer Katz 01/25/2019 $100.00  
Katy Danckaert 01/23/2019 $25.00  
Columbia Masters Swimming 01/23/2019 $118.00  
Whitey's Liquors Patrons 01/23/2019 $90.00  
RJG Beverages II, Inc. 01/21/2019 $260.00  
Brenda McGregor 01/14/2019 $25.00  
Denise Wamaling 01/14/2019 $50.00 Proud of Erin Cassell and her support
Nicole Beaudoin 01/14/2019 $50.00 Erin Cassell you are always doing the good work!
Karen Pizzolato-Heine 01/13/2019 $75.00  
Nancy Targett Schurman 01/10/2019 $60.00 We are so proud to support Erin Cassell (2018 Ulman Foundation 2018 Gamechanger!)
David Phillips 01/09/2019 $30.00  
Roll Up N Dye LLC 12/31/2018 $20.00  
Roll Up N Dye LLC 12/31/2018 $305.00  
Angela Kozlowski 12/18/2018 $80.00  
Facebook 12/18/2018 $160.00  
Brian Muldoon 12/10/2018 $25.00  
Michael Haggerty 11/23/2018 $25.00  
Karl Turban 11/23/2018 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 11/22/2018 $25.00  
Mary Lynn Hansen 11/19/2018 $50.00  
Scott Habicht 11/19/2018 $50.00  
Seth Grossman 09/07/2018 $80.00  
George and Melanie Owen 01/12/2018 $500.00  
  Total $3,000.00  
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